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NOTE: This website was last updated for Edda v1.1.0.

About Edda

Edda is a beatmap editor for the VR rhythm game Ragnarock.
Using Edda, you can map out your own songs and play them back in-game.

Sound interesting? Head on over to Getting Started for instructions on how to use Edda.

Why make a new map editor?

Ragnarock’s beatmap format is derived from Beat Saber’s, and the official map editor supported by the Ragnarock dev team is MMA2. So why make another map editor?

Firstly, there are major differences between Beat Saber and Ragnarock’s song formats. Some aspects of Beat Saber’s song format don’t translate well to Ragnarock’s, and others are unused or missing entirely. This means mappers have to manually edit JSON files or use some hacky solution, which doesn’t create a good user experience.

Secondly, Beat Saber maps are a lot more complex than Ragnarock ones - which means MMA2 has too much unused features/utility when used for Ragnarock mapping. This creates a cluttered and confusing experience for new mappers, especially those who aren’t already familiar with the Beat Saber format.

This is why Edda was created - to offer a more intuitive experience tailored to Ragnarock.

Get in touch

Do you have suggestions, bug reports, or something else to say?

Feel free to make a new GitHub issue or come and discuss it over on the Ragnacustoms Discord server. Pull requests are also welcome.